HR Consulting

*People Strategies for Success

Create growth from inside your business
Effective organizations are like finely-tuned machines, each element working together in harmony. We offer solutions to improve your entire employee experience, from recruitment and on boarding, to development for leaders and professionals, and building healthier and more productive cultures.

Our teams consist of senior and expert HR leaders who bring decades of success stories and hands-on experience serving a wide range of companies and industries, from non-profits to large public enterprises.

We work with your teams to understand your mission, goals, and pain points to create a unique, tailored people strategy. We bring the insight and expertise to help you improve productivity, innovation, adaptability, and profitability.

Learn how we can help you align your goals and overcome challenges to build a more dynamic and sustainable culture that empowers every employee to deliver their best.

  • HR Compliance
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • HR Focused Audits and Assessments
  • Managed HR Services
  • Strategic HR Support
  • Executive Advisory Services
  • Year-End Support

Executive Advisory Services

Aligning your Human Resources and Corporate strategy can make or break your business. It’s the difference between creating an organizational competitive advantage and lagging behind. With Operations Inc Executive Advisor services, our seasoned leaders work alongside you and your team in the role of an “on-call” expert, providing an objective, customer-obsessed, neutral perspective to help you navigate the road ahead, building short- and long-term strategies that set your business up for success.

Build a Winning Culture
Whether you’re just starting out or growing beyond your current approach, we’ll help you design and execute a positive culture that increases your employee satisfaction and drives revenue growth.

Lead into a Post-Pandemic Workplace
Employee demands and preferences – not to mention legislation – have changed so quickly, it’s harder than ever to keep up. We can guide you on the latest human capital and legal trends and how they affect your business and overall corporate strategy.

Create the Strongest Impact
Whether your company is 1 or 1,000, we’ll help you focus HR programs and resources where they will have the most impact on strategic organizational goals and employee satisfaction.

Corporate and HR Strategy Guidance
that Supports Your Goals

When you secure an Operations Inc Executive Advisor, our expert works with your executive or HR team as both a proactive consultant and an on-call Chief Executive resource, available to provide input and advice and contribute to strategy and decisions, for as long as you need them.

  • An extension of your C-Suite. Your Executive Advisor becomes your go-to resource, available for virtual or on-site meetings, phone calls, or email. Your advisor is independent and technology agnostic, so their only priority is finding the best HR and Corporate strategy for your business.
  • Trusted guidance. Our leadership advisory team brings decades of experience with and for some of the world’s most recognizable organizations, mid-sized businesses, startups, and nonprofits to each client relationship, with unmatched insight into both the big picture and specific observations from within our large client base.
  • Customized for you. Because we know each organization is unique, we’re committed to getting to know you, your organization’s culture, and goals, so we can deliver the Advisory team and guidance that best supports your growth. We’ll match you with the best Advisor or create a team of cross-specialty experts, depending on your needs.

Operations Inc can provide a go-to Executive Advisor in these areas or across specialties to meet your unique requirements. Depending on your needs, you may pair with a single, focused expert or create a team of Advisors across disciplines.

CHRO / Chief People

Your CHRO advisor will work with you on all aspects of human resources management policies, practices, and operations to strengthen the heart of your
organization: its people.

Chief Compensation and
Benefits Officer

By focusing on your compensation strategy and plan like the living thing it is, we will assist in tailoring it to meet the changing needs of your organization.

CXO / Chief
Experience Officer

With strong focus on the customer, employee, product, and inclusion experience, we’ll create and align your experience metrics to business KPIs that will define the connection between sustainable revenue growth and accountability across the organization.

Chief Diversity Officer

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce
improves retention, innovation, and growth. A
CDO Executive Advisor will help your business
work toward becoming a leader in equity and inclusion.

Chief Learning Officer

As an expert in corporate and personal training,
your CLO advisor will help you meet changing
priorities and align professional development
with the business goals of your organization.

What to Expect from Your Executive

Your Executive Advisor will function as an extension of your leadership team. The Advisor’s only agenda is helping you and your company create the most successful strategy to meet your organizational goals. You can expect to receive guidance on:

  • Input, coaching, feedback, and direction on strategy, plans, and how the area of
    service fits into your overall business plan
  • Overall trends, pressures, and challenges, and what we’re seeing from other
    companies and industry leaders
  • How to address challenges and key initiatives specific to your business,
    organization, and culture
  • Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of related initiatives

The At-Hand C-level Voice You Need

No matter the stage of your business, our Executive Advisors can serve as a senior resource you can lean on to ask questions, escalate sensitive or complex issues, and turn to as a neutral third-party sounding board. We match you to an Executive Advisor or cross-discipline team of Advisors with specific experience in your industry or area of need. Serving as a business partner for your organization, your Executive Advisor will not only be your go-to call with questions, he or she will also proactively provide curated briefings, updates, and the strategic market perspective you need to understand how businesses like yours are responding to HR issues or events.

Nuc-Fey group offers special packaging and discounts of up to 50% on this service
for qualifying Non-Profit Organizations and discounts of up to 20% for registered


Depending on your organization’s level of HR sophistication or headcount, you may have a need to outsource some or all of the pieces that make up your human resources function. The need to outsource may also fluctuate throughout the year depending on HR activity levels within your business.

Regardless of the type of support you need, we can help. Our team of HR experts provide hourly proactive and reactive support on an as needed basis, eliminating the need for you to add additional HR headcount.

We will also meet the budgetary demands of your organization, providing a resource level to align with the type of work performed. Senior level professionals will manage more strategic functions, with junior level resources providing administrative, transactional support.


  • New hire on boarding management
  • Termination and off-boarding management
  • Exit interviews
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee file management
  • Employment verifications
  • Unemployment claim administration
  • Benefits administration, including open enrollment, vendor communications, and employee adds, terms, and changes
  • Paid time off (PTO) tracking
  • HR compliance at the federal, state, and local levels
  • Performance management processes and annual reviews
  • Employee leave administration, including FMLA, STD, LTD, FFCRA, and others
  • Employee relations issues and concerns
  • Organizational development

To learn more about Nucfeygroup’s HR Compliance Services, please contact us at or 250 792 526 111.

HR Focused Audits and

An expert, third-party review of your HR practices and setups can provide an objective assessment of the completeness, efficiency, and effectiveness of your human resources function. The results of these intakes can help your organization optimize technologies, improve systems and processes, ensure compliance standards are met, and help you achieve your goals.

Nuc-Fey has conducted hundreds of HR focused audits and assessments. These comprehensive reviews identify not only gaps and opportunities for improvement, but also areas where your organization is meeting or exceeding best practice standards and is successful.

Our suite of HR-focused audits and assessments includes:

  • Human Resources Best Practices & Compliance Assessments
  • HR Organizational Assessments
  • Diversity, Sensitivity & Inclusion Assessments
  • 22 Audits
  • Independent Contractor Analysis
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Audits
  • Remote Work Team Assessments
  • Return to Work Assessments
  • Talent Acquisition Assessments
  • Total Rewards – Analysis & Assessments
  • Multigenerational Workplace Analysis & Assessments
  • Acquisition Due Diligence – HR Review & Assessments
  • Organizational Assessment & Design
  • Training Program Assessments

Additionally, our team can also provide you with an audit or assessment tied to your Payroll setup or function.

Nuc-Fey Group offers special packaging and discounts of up to 50% on this service
for qualifying Non-Profit Organizations.

To learn more about Nucfeygroup’s HR Compliance Services, please contact us at or 250 792 526 111.

Compensation Consulting Services

No matter the industry, smart employers realize that having an effective compensation strategy and total rewards program is essential. You need to ensure your pay levels are competitive enough to stand out in a crowded job market to attract, engage, and retain the talent your organization needs. By prioritizing the people that work for your company, you strengthen not only your employee base but also your business.

Nuc-Fey Group combines our extensive knowledge of the marketplace with top leading data resources to help you develop an optimized compensation plan. Our independent team of experts can also support you in any compensation-related decisions to help you win over the best candidates.

Table of Contents
Developing a Strategic Compensation Plan
Communicating your Compensation Plan
Compensation Consulting Services from Nuc-Fey Group

Expert Compensation Consulting Services
Total rewards and compensation programs make up the majority of an organization’s operating expenses. To get the best return on investment, you need a strategic compensation plan that meets your business goals while improving the employee experience.
In addition to creating a winning strategy for your employees and your business, leveraging a neutral team of compensation experts can bring significant benefits to your organization:

  • See results faster with a team of dedicated consultants who focus on your issues without distractions.
  • Get unbiased solutions to your issues with alternatives that truly benefit you.
  • Leverage the experience of a compensation professional who has worked with firms and non-profit organizations across industries and of all sizes.
  • Allocate compensation resources efficiently with the expert advice of your consultants.
  • Get support when you need it with a variety of compensation consulting services that scale as your business grows.

Developing a Strategic Compensation Plan
Building a competitive compensation strategy is critical to securing new talent and retaining your existing employee base. Without an effective plan, businesses risk overspending or losing employee engagement. A comprehensive compensation plan includes everything from base salary and incentive programs to executive compensation, benefits, and total rewards. Your compensation consultant can help you develop this strategy by using HR analytics to improve your talent outcomes.


They will work as an extension of your team to:

Ask your managers and leaders for input (Click to read more)

While your managers and leaders won’t be designing your base pay program, they can provide you with valuable input on compensation themes that matter most to employees. Not only does involving managers and leaders during the planning stages inform your overall strategy, it also improves stakeholder buy-in for your compensation plan. We’ll devise and deploy an effective compensation survey or deliver focus group conversations and provide you with the key takeaways and recommendations for an overall effective compensation strategy.

Compare against the competition

The goal of your compensation strategy is to attract, engage, and retain talent. As such, you need to ensure that your company is providing enticing offers at all pay levels for both internal and external candidates. While you might not be able to match every employer, this data can help you understand the external market, measure internal pay equity, and address any questions that may arise during the interview and promotion process. Nuc-Fey Group can access a range of salary databases and combine this benchmark data analysis with our comprehensive knowledge of similar companies across a range of industries and geographies.

Set pay levels

Different jobs will require varying levels of compensation. Many companies determine pay grades based on job architecture (i.e., the hierarchy of positions within the company). We can help you define this structure so you can provide transparent pay ranges in job postings or during the interview and promotion process, as is required by several states and municipalities. Clear pay levels also help set candidate and employee expectations about pay practices.

Reward your employees

Within your budget, we will suggest best practice total rewards strategies that can improve employee engagement, including retention bonuses, home office stipends, short-and long-term incentives, shift and geographic differentials, and cost of living adjustments. We’ll also suggest optimal payout schedules to maximize retention and ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

Ensure pay transparency

Managers need to understand how employees are paid, the reason for that amount, and how employees can work to achieve a higher salary. We’ll help you navigate these discussions to ensure that managers are knowledgeable about the company’s pay structure.

Meet compliance standards

The way you implement and provide compensation must meet certain regulations, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which sets legal requirements for minimum wage, overtime, equal pay, record-keeping, child labor, and payment practices. Our team ensures federal, state, and local compensation-related regulations are met.

Create a compensation handbook

A compensation handbook ensures pay transparency by showing employees that there are consistent policies for all employees, where the same rules and guidelines apply to everyone and all employees are treated equally. We’ll help you develop policies and create a compensation handbook that outlines your business’s compensation rules, policies, and pay expectations, such as information on paydays, timekeeping, overtime eligibility, meal and rest periods, process for promotions and raises, job posting requirements, recognition programs, sick leave, and paid vacation.

Communicating your Compensation Plan
By clearly communicating your compensation strategy to your employees, you set their expectations about compensation levels, motivate them to increase productivity, and boost morale with the benefits and rewards offered.

For employers, pay transparency helps your company build an environment of trust and honesty. When employees understand they make a fair wage for their work and there is no secret around pay, productivity and morale are likely to increase. Pay transparency promotes a good reputation and culture of inclusivity for your business.

The first step in communicating your program is to identify your organization’s key messages around policies, including any changes that have been made. Nuc-Fey Group will work with your team to identify these messages, then draft a compensation philosophy explaining the “why” behind employee pay levels. This document also serves as a framework to provide consistency moving forward.

Next, we’ll coach your leadership team to effectively deliver your message, including the best means for clearly explaining all components. We’ll document exactly what’s covered in the new compensation plan and role play how managers should communicate it with employees.

All of this information, both about the alterations and the program itself, is consolidated and presented in a compensation handbook. That way, managers and employees have a clear reference should any questions arise.

Compensation Consulting Services from nucfeyroup
Compensation practices, needs and strategies vary widely across employers and, on a granular level, employee groups. Nuc-Fey Group offers a comprehensive array of specialty compensation consulting services to ensure that your business has the right support and expertise. From developing salary ranges and job descriptions to analyzing pay equity, our team of experienced consultants can help you in every aspect of employee and executive compensation.

Our wide range of services include:

Salary Benchmarking
Our team uses top data resources, as well as our own internal knowledge of the marketplace, to help you create and communicate compensation ranges that position your firm competitively for your industry and location.

Compensation Strategy and Plan Design
Our compensation experts assist your firm in developing a highly effective, cost-efficient employee compensation plan.
Total Rewards Assessments
The Nuc-Fey Group team will audit and evaluate your total rewards and compensation strategies to gauge how competitive they are compared to the market.

Sales Compensation Design
For large or small sales teams, we’ll help you optimize compensation structures and incentive timing to meet your growth goals. Our strategic guidance combines market research, trends and best practices, and unique modeling tools to deliver the most effective programs.

Short- and Long-Term Incentive Plans
We’ll develop short- and long-term incentive programs to help you improve your recruitment and retention goals while aligning employees with company objectives.

Custom Salary Surveys
Leveraging our extensive network of clients, our custom salary surveys provide you with independent, expert data to support a competitive compensation strategy.

Salary Administration
Our team will provide the framework for compensation initiatives through competitive benchmarking, salary structure development, and documentation.

Total Rewards Statements
We help you develop personalized statements for each employee that communicate how much they are getting paid and why.

Compensation Communication Strategy and Execution
We can assist your firm in effectively communicating compensation programs to
candidates during the hiring process as well provide guidance on techniques for
effectively communicating programs and changes to current employees, including
coaching for managers.

Pay Equity Analysis                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Our compensation experts help you audit and assess your employees pay compared to other employees with similar jobs to identify and address pay gaps.
To learn more about Nuc-Fey Group and our compensation consulting services, contact us.

HR Compliance

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Comprehensive Guidance & Support
Staying on top of ever-changing employment laws and regulations can be extremely challenging for any business, especially those with employees in more than one location. Failure to meet compliance standards can lead to government fines and lawsuits, as well as reduced employee satisfaction levels and increased turnover.

We can provide the expert guidance your organization needs to successfully navigate, track, and maintain compliance with all U.S. employer regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. Some examples of areas where we can help you include:

  • The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), including pay practices for remote workers
  • The Coronavirus Action & Response Act (CARES)
  • Employee leaves, including:
    o The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
    o The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)
    o Paid family, sick, and domestic violence leave requirements at the state and local levels
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Employee layoffs and furloughs, including the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN ACT)
  • Employee notices and communications
  • Employment applications, interview questions, and hiring practices
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN Act)
  • Employee file management
  • I-9 Form completion and record keeping
  • Anti-Harassment policies and Sexual Harassment Prevention & Awareness Training
  • Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and reporting
  • All other relevant employment law-related requirements at the federal, state, and local levels

To learn more about Nucfeygroup’s HR Compliance Services, please contact us at or 250 792 526 111.

Strategic HR Support

Regardless of the expertise you have within your internal HR infrastructure, sometimes you need an expert resource you can lean on to ask questions, escalate sensitive or complex issues, and turn to as a neutral third-party.

We can provide you with the on-demand, strategic, C-level voice you need. This dedicated resource can be tapped as you see fit and will serve as an HR Business Partner for your organization. We can also provide the market perspective you need to understand what other organizations like yours are doing to manage through certain HR issues or events.


  • Strategic planning
  • Performance management
  • Employee relations
  • Policy development, roll outs, and review
  • Organizational development
  • Succession planning
  • Compensation strategy
  • Workplace investigations
  • HR compliance at the federal, state, and local levels
  • High growth planning and support
  • Termination management
  • Vendor selection
  • Employee leave management

Take the Stress Out of HR and Payroll
Year-End Planning

Nuc-Fey Group can handle every element of year-end planning, from open enrollment to compensation strategy to payroll support, saving you hundreds of hours.

We Can Support Your Entire HR Year-End Checklist 
The end of the year can be overwhelming for any HR team. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what’s ahead for your business.
Whether you need help with a single project or want us to manage your entire year-end checklist, Nuc-Fey Group specialists offer expert services and support.


  • Review and update your current benefits packages
  • Identify new brokers and roll out new plans
  • Prepare for ACA compliance responsibilities
  • Manage employee open enrollment


  • Complete full W-2 review and reconciliation
  • Manage year-end payroll tax obligations
  • Ensure compliance with new or expiring payroll legislation
  • Bonus payroll processing
  • File year-end payroll tax returns


  • Develop an effective, cost-efficient plan for annual pay raises and bonuses
  • Evaluate your total rewards strategies against the market
  • Identify and address pay gaps
  • Update state-specific minimum wage and compliance requirements
  • Communicate new plans and changes to employees

Talent Acquisition

  • Analyze recruiting processes and candidate experience
  • Create and update job descriptions
  • Plan for new hires and succession
  • Optimize applicant tracking systems
  • Create employer branding and digital recruiting strategies

General HR

  • Create performance appraisal schedules, scoring systems, and forms
  • Create or review HR budget
  • Review and collect employee and contractor information
  • Manage employee communications and program roll outs
  • Update company policies and employee handbooks
  • Distribute W-2s and 1099 forms

Over the last two decades, our team of more than 150 HR and payroll experts has served more than 1,800 companies in more than 70 industries. Our experts collaborate directly with you to create a customized project based on your unique requirements. Unlike in-house resources or other services, we provide a customizable suite of solutions that adjust to provide the right level of short-term or ongoing support for your business. Our team brings decades of experience with and for some of the world’s most recognizable organizations, mid-sized businesses, startups, and nonprofits to each client relationship,
while staying up to date on the increasingly complex compliance and regulatory landscape.

Recruiting Services

”Outsourcing, Consulting and
Recruiting Process Management”

Facing a shortage of qualified talent and increased competition from both local and remote employers, HR and recruiting professionals may opt to expand their pool of potential candidates to a wider geographic area, adopt a strong pipeline recruiting strategy, improve the screening process, and improve the candidate experience.
In doing so, HR and recruiting professionals may become overextended, creating breaks in the candidate experience and delays in filling high priority jobs. The right recruiting services partner is critical. With 20 years of experience and experts who are nationally focused — not tied to a specific locality or region— Nuc-Fey Group is prepared to help you find top talent across industries and locations. Partnering with Nuc-Fey Group can help you avoid potential recruiting pitfalls and bolster your workforce — all while pursuing strategic growth. With the appropriate support, you can improve the candidate and hiring manager experience, shorten time to hire, and match ideal candidates — in terms of both skill and cultural fit. Altogether, these efforts will help improve retention and the internal perception of the recruiting process by delivering timely responses and solid candidates.

Table of Contents

  • The Nuc-Fey Group Advantage: Competitive Pricing, Specialized Knowledge
  • Nucfeygroup’s Unique Recruiting Process Management Services
  • How Does Nucfeygroup Help You Meet Recruiting Goals?
  • Build a Sustainable Candidate Pipeline
  • Our Areas of Expertise

The Nucfeygroup Advantage:
Competitive Pricing, Specialized

Recruiting services from Nucfeygroup include: recruiting process management, candidate recruitment and new hire on boarding for specific roles, proactive pipeline oversight, assessments of your talent acquisition methods, retention strategy and design, and more. No matter what resources you need, we are always sure to prioritize finding and keeping the best, most qualified candidates.

We put our specialized knowledge to work and deliver our services at a price well below the cost per hire you’d typically expect from recruitment agencies or headhunters. Compared to the average recruitment agency, clients can save up to 75% when they partner with Nucfeygroup, through our zero-commission hourly model.

Nucfeygroup’s recruiting specialists excel in filling high-skill positions on an as-needed basis building and end-to-end candidate pipeline management. Our team is also adept at helping businesses pursue diversity and inclusion initiatives — and pay equity goals — in the context of the hiring process.

Nucfeygroup’s Unique Recruiting
Process Management Services

At Nucfeygroup, recruiting process management is flexible and customized for each client to meet their specific needs. Our team can serve as an extension of your HR department, adding seasonal capacity, ongoing support, or areas of specialty. We can also take the entire recruiting process, from application performance management to background checks to administrative support. You choose exactly the talent management solutions you need, whether that means the ability to hire a new candidate to fill a high-skill position or a total redesign of your recruitment process.

Our Recruiting Process Management Capabilities

Our recruiting and career service capabilities are broad and comprehensive. We focus on
customized packages with a full range of service offerings, including:

  • Requisition management
  • Job description development
  • Oversight of digital recruiting platforms (including social media)
  • Review of candidate pools based on career pages, job postings, and applicant tracking systems
  • Proactive candidate sourcing to draw in greater volume of candidates
  • Coordination of interviews and maintenance of communications with applicants throughout the recruiting process
  • Salary and compensation benchmarking

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Recruiting Process Management?
At Nucfeygroup, we have a team of recruiters from diverse backgrounds who have filled thousands of positions at all levels of experience for a wide variety of industries and role types. We have the experience needed to source qualified applicants from both the field of passive candidates and active job seekers.

We work directly with your internal teams to expand capacity quickly, allowing you to hire dedicated new employees that can make an immediate impact. In addition, we have the knowledge needed to manage your applicant tracking system (ATS), human resource information system (HRIS), and other tracking software, allowing us to directly review resume submissions and handle other recruiting materials.

What Type of Business Is a Good Fit for Our Recruiting Services?
We work with every kind of company, from rapid-growth startups to small and medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and nonprofits. We are well versed in recruiting needs and career development pathways across a wide variety of organizations.

Our flexible model also allows us to scale with ease, meaning we can grow with your company or adjust our support to meet temporary or seasonal needs as necessary. You only pay for what you need, whether it's a research service profile such as service outsourcing.

How Does Nucfeygroup Help You Meet
Recruiting Goals?

With support from Nucfeygroup, HR and recruiting professionals and hiring managers don’t need to worry about jobs going unfilled or keeping their pipeline flowing. We can ensure that you meet your recruiting goals. We align with your on boarding workflow to ensure that your company retains control over how people enter the organization.

When you work with Nucfeygroup, you can expect to save money on recruiting vs hiring a traditional headhunter or staffing agency while getting excellent candidates and exceptional new hires.

Our experts are ready to relieve your team from extra work without requiring burdensome supervision. We get up to speed quickly. With deep experience across a wide variety of industries and business environments, we swiftly learn the style and needs of your hiring managers. We can create job descriptions and posts, oversee career fairs, promote open positions across job boards and social media, analyze resumes for hard and soft skills, examine cultural fit, handle candidate tracking and reporting, schedule and coordinate interviews, conduct testing or background checks, and provide guidance as needed during the process of final candidate selection. This comprehensive process is carefully designed and maintained to ensure we only present you with job seekers who have the skills, career backgrounds, and qualities of character most ideal for your organization.

We understand that every company’s hiring needs and goals are unique. Because of our extensive experience in a wide variety of industries and areas, we can help fill whatever gaps your recruiting process may have. For example, as a software company, your internal recruiting team may hire 50 developers a year but a position in the legal department only once every five years. Our experts have the experience across disciplines necessary to support you from end to end, ensuring you find the right niche candidates when opportunities arise.

Build a Sustainable Candidate

For forward-thinking companies that are looking to implement a robust, proactive recruiting process, we provide candidate pipeline development services. A candidate pipeline is a group of potential hires who meet certain criteria for future possible career paths, even when no position is currently open. These prospects become your go-to pool of candidates when jobs become available, shortening the time-to-hire while ensuring the most qualified and best fit employee.

Candidate pipelines let you benefit from ongoing contact with qualified candidates who fit your organization’s culture. Our recruiters actively nurture prospects who might not currently be involved in a job search, minimizing talent gaps and enabling growth.

As a proactive recruiting method, pipelines can scale to meet your evolving needs. You’ll be able to quickly hire engaged prospects as new job openings emerge.

With the aid of a strong candidate pipeline created with the assistance of Nucfeygroup, you’ll be able to support your existing staff and expand their capabilities. Our process involves mining your ATS to find and engage top talent based on resume submissions and other criteria. At the end of the hiring process, streamlined on boarding procedures ensure that new hires are fully integrated into your organization. Career service support and inclusive processes are essential for bolstering talent retention.

What Roles Are Best Suited for Proactive Recruitment?

Creating a candidate pipeline is ideal for two distinct situations: filing high-skill, specialized, or otherwise in-demand careers and hiring for positions that are regularly available.

How Do We Create a Candidate Pipeline?

Once we assess your organization’s talent requirements, we identify and nurture qualified candidates who have the skills and cultural fit to achieve success with your company. Because pipelines typically work best for a specific subset of roles, broad outreach efforts like career fairs often aren’t the way to go. Instead, we focus on improving your online presence and promoting your employer brand. We’ll also explore your ATS for individuals who might fit the ideal profile. Career service engagement with leading candidates helps ensure that your company is a top choice when the time comes for you to hire a new individual.

Our Areas of Expertise

Nucfeygroup recruiting experts are ready to help you source talent in a variety of industries and verticals, reaching qualified individuals across the country. With a national scope for our candidate pool, we’re not tied to a specific region or locality, and we know where to look to find top candidates in different areas.

Our team of talent experts has filled thousands of positions across all industries, from entry-level job openings to careers in senior leadership. Along the way, they’ve helped client’s source top candidates while providing a valuable career service to in-demand job seekers.

What Industries Do We Support?

We are prepared to help businesses of all kinds hire the talent they need. In particular, our recruiting team has extensive experience filling roles in:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Human Resources
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IT
  • Medicine

What Type of Roles Can We Source?

We can source experienced candidates who are ready to fill job openings at all levels, from entry-level roles ideally suited for individuals leaving their first internship to C-suite executives looking for a new challenge. Our experts help you expedite the time to hire by providing leading applicants with career service support and guidance so they can explore your offerings.

Our Values

At Nucfeygroup, we are committed to serving as your full-service outsourced recruiting
department or to collaborating with your existing team to expand your reach.
We emphasize the importance of a well-rounded recruiting strategy, and we focus on
doing what it takes to find and hire top talent quickly and efficiently while managing

Recruiting Process Management

Even the most robust recruiting function sometimes needs supplemental support to help sort through resumes, screen candidates, and manage applicant tracking systems.

No matter what type of proactive or reactive support you require, our expert team can help. We will execute and manage your existing recruiting processes, procedures, and technologies to help you find the right candidates for your organization.

Our services are scalable based on your precise needs at any given time. We cover each stage of the recruiting life cycle, efficiently driving candidates through your recruiting process, including:

  • Requisition management.
  • Job description development and postings, ensuring consistency in employer branding and messaging.
  • Review of existing candidate pools generated through your career pages, postings, and candidate tracking systems.
  • Day to day management of your ATS, HRIS, or other tracking software.
  • Proactive talent sourcing to boost posting exposure and candidate volumes.
  • Management of your digital recruiting platforms, including social media.
  • High volume resume review and screening.
  • Candidate screening for hard skills, soft skills, cultural fit, and in line with diversity hiring initiatives.
  • Interview scheduling and coordination.
  • Candidate profile creation and reporting, in accordance with your preferred documentation and presentation methods.
  • Consistent and ongoing communication with candidates to ensure they remain warm and engaged throughout the recruiting process.
  • Background check administration, reference checks, pre-hire skills testing, and personality testing.

To learn more about Nucfeygroup’s HR Compliance Services, please contact us at or 250 792 526 111.

Candidate Recruitment

Many companies rely upon headhunters or staffing firms to find the talent they need. This results in placement fees of 20-30% of that position’s salary, which can become costly and is out of reach for many organizations.

Our recruiting practice provides headhunter quality results, but without the price tag. Our unique, hourly billing model charges for resources consumed, which means that regardless of the offer you make to a new hire or the number of candidates you bring on board, your fees will not be impacted.

We want you to find the right hires. Because of our billing model, our recruiters are notincentivized to sell you one candidate over another.

For organizations with an internal recruiting function in place, we can help you broaden your bandwidth and capacity, or help you source candidates for specialized roles your  internal team may not have experience finding. We partner with our clients, becoming a true extension of your talent acquisition team.

Our recruiters provide both strategic and administrative support and guidance to help you find the candidates you need. We work with the hiring manager and any other key stakeholders to obtain information surrounding:

  • Position titling, role description, reporting relationships, and company culture.
  • Desired candidate background, including required years of experience, education, and desired skill sets.
  • Role compensation, including base salary detail and bonus eligibility.
  • Unique selling points of the position, including opportunities for advancement, quality of staff, travel, and prestigious clients.

The support we then provide may include:

  • Guidance to align expectations with the requirements of the position and overall market.
  • Job description development and job posting copy.
  • Development and execution of search strategies designed to engage targeted passive and active candidates, which may include:
    o Review of past recruiting methodologies and results.
    o Direct sourcing from subscription databases (i.e. LinkedIn Recruiter), competitors, industry groups, educational institutions, etc.
    o Digital strategies and methodologies, including job boards and social media.
  • Candidate screening for hard skills, soft skills, and cultural fit.
  • Consistent and ongoing communication with candidates to ensure they remain warm and engaged throughout the recruiting process.
  • Candidate tracking and reporting.
  • Presentation of candidate profiles to the client for consideration.
  • Interview scheduling and coordination.
  • Guidance (as needed) tied to candidate selection.
  • Pre-hire testing and background check administration.

Support provided is scalable and determined by your organization’s precise needs and

To learn more about Nucfeygroup’s HR Compliance Services, please contact us at or 250 792 526 111.

Talent Acquisition Strategy

The talent market has changed. Our seasoned experts can prepare your business for success by designing a custom recruiting methodology and process that allows you to hire the right candidates quickly while staying within budget.

This is no longer a market where you can post a job online and see qualified candidates walking through your door. The way you hire matters to employees. In a survey of 1,000 workers across the U.S., 78% told us the interview experience and speed of the recruiting process influence their decision to accept a job offer while 79% say they consider a company’s online reputation when deciding to accept a job offer.

From employer branding to on boarding, we’ll help you improve your recruiting and retention efforts to create a candidate experience that positions your business for success.

Optimize the Entire Talent Acquisition Process
Nucfeygroup’s Talent Acquisition Strategy process focuses on optimizing each of these
key areas.

  • Workforce Planning
  • Job Descriptions and Salary Benchmarking
  • Employer Branding and Digital Recruiting Strategies
  • Talent Acquisition Technology/Systems
  • Candidate Application and Interview Experience
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Offer Management and Communications
  • Employee Referral Programs
  • On boarding and New Hire Experience
  • Exit Interviews and Results

Our Proven Process

While you focus on your business, we work to design talent acquisition processes that can adjust to provide the right level of support as strategies, regulations, economic conditions, and employee preferences fluctuate. Our expert team brings decades of experience with and for some of the world’s most recognizable organizations, mid-sized businesses, startups, and nonprofits to each client relationship. Because we’re technology agnostic and independent, our only goal is to find you strategy and tools that will best serve you.

Your dedicated consultant will work closely with your HR stakeholders, hiring managers, and recently hired employees to fully understand your current talent landscape, challenges, and goals. Combining these findings with a thorough review of key documents, policies, and procedures, your consultant will prepare a comprehensive assessment, identifying gaps, fixes, and areas for future focus.

With a clear roadmap for the road ahead, you can decide to implement changes on your own or engage Nucfeygroup to develop, implement, and support suggested improvements.

Areas of Expertise

Our team of seasoned Talent Acquisition Experts come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from extensive agency experience to in-house corporate recruiting support.

Our team has filled thousands of positions throughout their careers, across all industries and role types.

Click below to learn more about our team’s specialties and the types of positions they
have filled:

  • Accounting & Finance Recruiting
  • Human Resources Recruiting
  • Legal Recruiting
  • Marketing Recruiting
  • Sales Recruiting
  • IT Recruiting
  • Positions Filled
  • Talent Acquisition for All Industries

To learn more about Nucfeygroup’s HR Compliance Services, please contact us at or 250 792 526 111.

Career Counseling & Coaching

Reentering the job market during a time of record unemployment can be challenging and intimidating. We can provide you with the tools, guidance, and support you need to successfully launch and manage your job search in today’s competitive market.

Our one-on-one career counseling services provide personalized coaching driven by your unique career goals. We will work with you to create an education package and action plan based on your individual objectives and needs.

All support will be built to suit and provided by a dedicated Operations Inc consultant, who will guide you through each step of your job search.

Participants in this program will be able to select a customized package of support, choosing from the following areas:

  • Job search strategy development, including establishing career objectives and formulating a search plan.
  • Resume and cover letter development, including formatting and content creation.
  • Strategies and approaches for application submission designed to make the most impact on hiring managers and recruiters.
  • Skills assessments to identify accomplishments, strengths, and gaps in competencies.
  • LinkedIn profile development and social media best practices.
  • Networking strategies, including in-person and digital approaches.
  • Company “targeting” to identify organizations to which you would like to apply and would be a fit.
  • Tips and approaches for working with agencies and headhunters.
  • Job board utilization and tactics to increase chances of getting “in the door”.
  • Interview skills training, including preparing for phone, video chat, or in-person screenings.
  • Job search etiquette, including communications, outreach, and follow-ups.


$ 750
Tier 1 – 5 Hour Block

Our one-on-one private coaching options include two different tier levels.
Participants can choose their exact areas of focus from the above menu of options.

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$ 1500 
Tier 2 – 10 Hour Block

Our one-on-one private coaching options include two different tier levels.
Participants can choose their exact areas of focus from the above menu of options.

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$ 400 

Includes 2 hours of group coaching and 1 hour of private one-on-one counseling.
Participants are polled pre-event to determine goals, areas of desired focus,
etc. to determine appropriate group pairings.
Groups not to exceed 5 participants, with content covered drawn from the above menu of topical areas.

To learn more about Nucfeygroup’s HR Compliance Services, please contact us at or 250 792 526 111.

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