Nuc Fey Group
About Us

Who are we ?

We are a team of professionals specializing in performance enhancement.

The Nuc-Fey Team contributes to business performance; Hospitality Services, Consultancy, Real Estate. Other business activities such as; Events, Restaurant & Bar, Car rental and Capacity building for people entrusted to us and people who trust us. Our principles of quality, integrity, competence and proximity accompanies us in our interactions and satisfaction that we bring to communities, organizations, companies and individuals in Rwanda and across Africa.


Nuc-Fey Team envisages, promoting entrepreneurship and empowerment to boost economic sector and create opportunities for companies, individuals and communities.


To provide quality and satisfactory services to our clients at affordable rate with existing demands from companies, individuals and communities.
Gaining entrepreneurial skills and building a solid foundation for your business: NUC-FEY GROUP is your ideal partner !!


Our principles

Distinction & Professionalism

Our consultants and trainers are the best within the program areas, they all have very specialist capacities in their areas of expertise.

Continuous improvement

Quality approach is at the heart of our efforts and processes. This enables our clients to trust in us.

Booking reservations

Nuc-Fey training and hospitality services is one of our core activities. We provide accommodations and guest can reserve through our hospitality partners. Menu for restaurants is available for African / international cuisines. Events hosting / organization is welcome at our beautiful garden.

Accessibility & Reliance

Accessibility is one of our core principles. Our team is dedicated to excellence expectations and aspirations.

Support & Follow-Up

In the projects in which we are engaged, we keep the focus on our customers. Because our culture aims to produce concrete outcomes.

Airbnb reservations

Nuc-Fey training in the hospitality sector is one of the core activities. We provide accommodations as guest can reserve through our partners. Menu for restaurants is available for all African dishes and deliveries. Events hosting is welcome at our beautiful garden space.

Our Values

They trust us


Feel free to call us during business hours

Contact Us

Head office address:

KG 26 St, Kigali, Rwanda